Djai Skjellerup


Interview with REZ Magazine - A chat with REZ Magazine creator Voodoo Buwan dated Sunday 27th January 2008.

Djai Skjellerup in LD Magazine - LD Magazine is a bi lingual information source for the residents of SL.

Toby Lancaster - Toby is helping me record my album. You can check out him and his own music here at his site.

Bree Bike - My pal Bree Birke who owns the Nitida Ridge venue in SL....and here is a link to her personal site

Fyrm Fouroux - Otherwise known as John Lewis Smith this folk influenced singer songwriter has a great history of supporting music at grass roots level across the north of England through his open mic nights. He writes quirky songs about the minutae of English life and other things.

Fasttoes Foden is a friend of mine who does art commisions. You can find his gallery in world at SLURL