Djai Skjellerup

Welcome to the Djai Skjellerup website. 

You made it! Dunno how but you did!

Maybe you just got back home from seeing me at a gig. Could be you heard of me because I write songs and play them live in the virtual reality world at and other places that stream online live audio. Alternatively, maybe you heard from a friend or just stumbled across this site. Whatever the reason thanks for dropping by! Have a look around the site and if there is anything you wish was here but isn't then let me know. The best part of writing and performing songs is meeting people who enjoy original music performed all live and getting to chat to them. I am always happy to make contact with anyone who wants to chat about any aspect of what I do. My contact details are at the bottom of this page.

If you are an accidental stumbler to this page then let me explain what I do. I am an independent singer/songwriter and I play gigs wherever I can get them both at a venue near you or in a number of different online environments the most popular currently being Second Life (SL for short).  I play totally live so what you hear is original songs played on piano and sung by the writer. If you use SL then you'll see a digital representation (an avatar, like the movie ..but not with blue skin!)  of me on a virtual stage in a virtual location. If you do not want to use SL then you can also listen to my online live audio stream using iTunes in which there is an option from one of the menus to connect to an audio stream.   I play live 2 or 3 times a week online and you can see my schedule on the upcoming events page but please note that the times are adjusted to fit to the Second Life timezone which is GMT +8 hours.  For most of my shows I use this audio stream location so this is the URL you would put into iTunes if you want to listen without going into SL.

My album "Ice Age Diaries" continues to progress so keep an eye out for it later this year. There are a few samples of tracks on this website that will feature on it.  

I have some other earlier tracks that you can hear at my myspace page 

Gig contemplation
So thanks for dropping by and if there is anything you would like to know about my music or maybe you would be interested in booking me then please contact me either in Second Life or by using this email address which you should easily be able determine from the long hand: djaiskjellerup <at> 

Enjoy the rest of the site!