Djai Skjellerup



Here is the cover of my forthcoming album "Ice Age Diaries".


Late last year I did a show for Fasttoes Foden at his gallery (which you can find in world at the SLURL ) and in return he kindly created some pictures as representations of the lyrics of some of my songs. He did a really great job with them and I am very grateful for the time he took to put these together. Here is his take on "Waiting For You".


Fasttoes does original art and commisions. This is his interpretation of "Make Me Feel I Belong".


I have a board that I use on stage and these pictures show on that board like a slideshow. This one of Fast's is "I Just Want To Be Wanted".


There are great details in his pictures if you look closely. I love it that Fast studied the lyrics and made the interpretations his own. Maybe you have your own take on the songs and what they mean? This one is "A Lover's Prayer"


Like me Fasttoes comes from the UK. This image is a take on the song "Ride".


Alot of thought, preparation and work has gone in to these. This picture represents the song "Incomplete".


Fasttoes does portraits and profile pictures too. Contact him in world if you like his work, he'd be happy to hear from you. This shot is "Work It Out".